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Ayy. Kristi. 20. Not very multi fandom. Just B2ST&INFNITE really. I have 13 biases.

I usually follow back infinite/beast biased blogs.

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the two times myung literally fell out his seat laughing (  ̄ ∇  ̄ )

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The cutest thing ever! ♥♥♥ (cr carey0328)

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baby soul with infinite’s sunggyu and dongwoo on immortal song 2 ♡

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'Be Back' Repackage Album Scans | DO NOT EDIT

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꺄아아~~^^ 오늘 성규드라큘라 팬분들이 보내주신 어마어마한 간식들이!!^^똭!! 오늘 너무 더워서 지쳐있능데 ..너무너무 맛있게 잘먹었습니다~^^ 

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when sunggyu gets accused

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myungsoo took yeol’s beverage to drink again and again

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